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10 Myths About Vision and Eye Care

10 Myths About Vision and Eye Care

Asheville Vision and Wellness has been western North Carolina’s trusted eye care doctors for thirty years. In that time, we have met thousands of Buncombe and Henderson County residents and helped put them on the path of practicing good eye health. We have also heard and corrected numerous myths about eye care and vision. Here are a few of the most common myths about your eyes:


Common Myths About Eye Care and Vision

1) Babies Eyes are Fully Grown at Birth

This is a common myth many new parents have heard about their children. However, an infant's eyes are approximately two-thirds of what will be their eventual size. Your child's eyes will reach their full size after puberty. 

2) If You Cross Your Eyes, They'll Get Stuck

This myth is often repeated by parents to children. Some may say it earnestly, while others are mostly joking. Your eyes are amazing. They can move in virtually any direction, often independently of each other. If you can cross your eyes, you do not need to fear them getting stuck that way. However, naturally crossed eyes may indeed be the result of uncorrected vision or disease. That is why it is vital to maintain regular eye exams with your trusted optometrist.

3) Eating Carrots Will Improve Your Vision

While eating carrots will not necessarily improve nearsightedness or farsightedness, a nutritious diet can indeed help your eyes stay healthy. Carrots, leafy greens, vegetables, fish, and other foods with substantial amounts of vitamin A will help you maintain good eyesight. 

4) People with Color Blindness Only See in Black and White

Those with rare, significant color blindness may only see different shades of grey, but most with color blindness only struggle to differentiate between greens, reds, and blues. 

5) Sitting Too Close to the Television Hurts Your Eyes

You may not want your children sitting very close to the television; however, you may rest a little easier knowing they will not damage their vision. They might experience eye exhaustion or even get a headache, but they will not actually hurt their eyesight. The desire to sit close to the television may be indicative of nearsightedness. 

6) Reading in Dim Light will Harm Your Vision

Reading in a dimly lit space may make your eyes feel tired, but it will not damage your vision. However, proper lighting can help you avoid a headache. 

7) Using Corrective Lenses Will Make You Dependent on Glasses

Some believe that wearing corrective glasses or contacts will cause their vision to deteriorate. If anything, not wearing your glasses or contacts will cause you to strain your eyes unnecessarily. 

8) Wearing Glasses Not Made for You Hurts Your Vision

You do not have to fret about damaging your vision if you wear glasses made for someone else. However, putting on the wrong glasses can strain your eyes and cause you to have a headache. 

9) Your Vision Will Deteriorate as You Age

Your vision is not doomed to deteriorate as you age. Unfortunately, this myth keeps a lot of people from visiting the optometrist, assuming that new developments in their eyesight are just inevitable. As you age, be sure to visit your eye doctor if you experience any of these signs:

  • Blurred vision at any time
  • Difficulty driving at night
  • Frequent redness, dryness, or pain in your eyes
  • Decreased ability to see things up close or far away
  • Seeing spots or lights in eyes
  • Blind spots

10) You Can Have an Eye Transplant

While you can have a prosthetic eye, it is impossible to do a full transplant. The eye is intricately wired to the brain, so there is not yet a way to recreate or reconstruct it. That is part of why it is so important to take care of our eyes.  

Asheville Vision and Wellness has been helping people care for their eyes for three decades. In that time, we have seen it all. We are here to help make sure you are taking care of your eyes. We help our patients differentiate between myth and truth when it comes to protecting their vision. Our team is here to answer all of your questions to give you the tools you need to maintain your vision and keep your eyes healthy and happy. Contact us for more information about our eye care doctors and to schedule your eye exam.