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How to Identify Whether an Eye Care Doctor Knows Their Community

asheville healthcare and eye care doctors know their community

As we mentioned in our previous post, the Asheville area is growing rapidly. We are welcoming new residents with tips and keys to finding great healthcare professionals and optometrists. In addition to incredibly beauty, cultural amenities, and excellent educational systems, western North Carolina benefits from nearby medical universities and the presence of Mission Health System. Nevertheless, finding new physicians, dentists, and eye care professionals is always difficult when people move to a new city.

When you move to a new area, one of the keys to finding a great eye care doctor is identifying whether they know and understand their community. Here are four questions to help identify whether an optometrist knows his or her community.

Does the Eye Care Doctor Care About the City in Which They Operate?

An eye care professional does not necessarily need to be from Asheville to care about the city, and the people; however, residents can expect their optometrist to know the area. If you are searching in our area, your eye care doctor should know some key things about Asheville, including:

  • A general understanding of our history
  • Places to hike and enjoy nature
  • Great neighborhoods and places to live
  • Community organizations and initiatives
  • Attractions to see

A better understanding of the city in which they practice gives healthcare professionals a keener insight into the lives and personalities of the people they serve.

Does the Eye Care Doctor Participate in Community Events?

For optometrists and eye care practices, participating in community events are more than just marketing opportunities. Festivals and events provide an opportunity for doctors and healthcare professionals to get to know their city and earn the trust of its residents. Events in Asheville in which you might see Asheville Vision Associates, our optometrists, and our technicians include:

  • SpringGo! In Chimney Rock
  • LEAF Festival in Black Mountain
  • Ramp Festival in Waynesville
  • Mountain State Fair in Asheville
  • Beer City Festival in Asheville
  • Rhododendron and Azalea Flower Sow in Asheville
  • Memorial Day Weekend festivals throughout the area
  • Many more

Does the Eye Care Doctor Know the Culture?

optometrist and eye care professionals asheville nc

Knowing a city involves more “googling” facts and studying statistics, it requires getting to know the cultural heart of the community. Asheville is regarded as one of the most welcoming cities to people from all walks of life, and its eye care doctors and healthcare professionals should understand that diversity is the heart of our city.

Our suburbs and satellite towns throughout Buncombe, Henderson, Madison, Transylvania, and Haywood counties have their own cultural identities as well. When searching for an eye doctor, consider whether they seem to know both the facts, and the culture of your city, town, and region.

Does the Eye Care Doctor Care About Patients' Overall Health?

Optometrists and eye care professionals should recognize the impacts of vision on your overall health, as well as the impacts of your overall health on your vision. In other words, your diet, fitness, and health impact your eyesight, while preserving and caring for your eyes also impacts your overall health and fitness.

At Asheville Vision Associates, we resource our patients to live the best possible life through both eye, as well as diet, exercise, and wellness. For more information, or to schedule an eye exam, contact us. We are located in Biltmore Park, near REI and Starbucks.