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How to Use Google and Facebook Reviews to Find a New Optometrist

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One of the great things to evolve from the information age is the availability of customer reviews on Google, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Small businesses, new products, and good ideas have always grown through word of mouth referrals, and internet reviews have made it possible to access those referrals with the click of a button. It is almost difficult to remember what the world was like back before we had such access to ratings and reviews for new restaurants, coffee shops, and hospitals.

If you are searching for a new optometrist, customer reviews can be key to finding the practice that would best fit the needs of you and your family. In this post, we want to provide some quick tips on finding and using internet testimonials:

How to Use Google and Social Media Reviews

Customer testimonials posted to Google and social media outlets are helpful; however, they are not scientific. Sometimes good and bad experiences are matters of perception, misunderstanding, and miscommunication. To help you know how to discern useful reviews, regardless of industry, here are four key steps:

I. Check Multiple Review Sources:

Utilizing a diverse selection of review sources will help you establish a baseline for the reputation of a business or eye car practice. Customer testimonials can be found on these sites:

  • Google/Google Plus
  • Facebook
  • Amazon
  • Trip Advisor
  • Industry Specific Directories

II. Check the Average Rating:

Sites have different algorithms dictating to determine which reviews are displayed first. Some display the most recent testimony, while others the ones garnered the most attention. Sometimes the first reviews displayed might be negative toward the business or practice, while the balance of comments are overwhelmingly positive. Most sites will display an average – X out of 5 potential stars.

III. Check the Number of Reviews

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A business or practice may have a 5-star rating, but only a handful of reviews; therefore, it is important to note the number of total testimonials. If you only see a few reviews on Facebook, make sure you check Google and other review sources.

IV. Check Multiple Customer Written Reviews

When your visit a Facebook or Google Plus page, your eyes may naturally scroll through the first few written reviews, neglecting the rest. You probably do not have time to read 50 reviews, but it is important to read several different testimonies, to determine a baseline average for the business or practice. Usually, review sites will allow you to sort comments based on the rating (ex. 4 of 5 stars) given. Here are a few quick tips:

  • Read one or two 5-star reviews: These reviews will usually read as glowing endorsements of the business or practice.
  • Read one or two 1-star reviews: These reviews may contain nuggets or truth, but it is important to note whether they stand in stark contrast to the rest of the customer reviews.
  • Read three or four 3 and 4-star reviews: These are the reviews that will provide the most insight into the practice or business. You will usually find out key information such as:
    • Wait time
    • Courteous staff
    • Skillful doctors/staff
    • Expense/value
    • Whether reviewer plans to return
  • Look for repeated compliments and concerns:

Asheville Vision Associates Reviews

We encourage our patients to write honest reviews of our practice, because we are proud of our staff and commitment to quality eye care. If you are looking for a new optometrist, we would be happy for you to schedule an appointment.