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Should I Buy My Glasses Online?

Should I Buy My Glasses Online?

Today, you can shop for pretty much anything online. It was not all that long ago that the items for which you could shop on the internet were limited. One, if you live in a city like ours, you can even have fresh groceries delivered right to your door. 

If there is any question about how prevalent online sales are, this shocking statistic about Amazon clears up all doubt:

“In the third quarter of 2021, saw an increase in global net revenue across all segments, the leading category being online stores with net revenue of roughly 49.9 billion U.S. dollars.”

Amazon’s net revenue for just the third quarter of 2021 was just shy of fifty billion dollars. 

Many people look online first for any of their shopping needs, and glasses are no exception. There are several companies that allow shoppers to purchase corrective lenses from the comfort of their own homes. In this article, we are discussing some of the pros and cons of shopping for glasses online. 


In Favor of Shopping for Glasses Online

If you are considering buying new corrective lenses, here are a few reasons you might choose to shop online:

1) Convenience 

It is nice to be able to shop for glasses while at work or when you are streaming your favorite television show at home.

2) Deals

Glasses can be quite expensive. You may find some great deals for them online. 

3) Selection

Many online corrective lens retailers have substantial selections of lenses and frame styles. If your local optometrist does not have the lenses or frames that fit your style, you may have a better chance at finding them online.

Why You Should Avoid Shopping for Glasses Online

1) Sending Glasses Back May Be Inconvenient 

While it may be convenient to shop for glasses from the comfort of your home if what you order does not meet your expectations, the process of replacing them with what you want could be frustrating and inconvenient. 

On the other hand, purchasing glasses from your local trusted optometrist means you have the support of eye care professionals if you need to make a change. 

2) Custom Fitting and Accurate Measurements.

Without a professional to take accurate measurements with the exact frame you have picked out and then to adjust those frames properly, the online company is guessing at these numbers.  Once you have received your online glasses if there is a problem it can be difficult to remedy the situation or get a refund.

3) Your Optometrist May Be Able to Get a More Competitive Price for Glasses

There are many factors that allow online retailers to sell glasses for less; however, cheaper is not necessarily better. Before you click “buy now,” it is important to research the quality of any corrective lenses and frames you might purchase online. 

At the same time, you might be surprised by the selection and competitive prices offered by your trusted optometrist. There is a good chance they can get closer to what online retailers offer than you would expect.

4) You Can Test Different Lenses and Frames in Person

Although many of the online retailers do their best to provide you with options for “trying on” your new glasses, it’s still inconvenient if you don’t find what you’re looking for on the first shipment. 

However, your optometrist will have a wide range of options for you to explore in person. 

With potentially competitive prices and the advantage of being able to try on your lenses and frames in person, it might be well worth paying your eye care professionals a visit to have all of your lens and frame options discussed and any questions answered.

5) You Should Establish a Relationship With a Trusted Optometrist

You need someone on your team who can help you take care of your eyes and preserve your vision. Your entire family will benefit from developing a relationship with a trusted local optometrist. 

That’s simply something you will not find with an online corrective lens retailer. 

6) Your Optometrist Can Provide More Than Just Glasses

Your eye care is about more than just finding a stylish pair of glasses. Your optometrist will help:

  • Perform tests and continue updating your prescription as your vision changes
  • Provide nutrition advice to help protect your vision
  • Watch for signs of developing conditions such as glaucoma, cataracts, and age-related macular degeneration
  • Establish a relationship with your family 
  • Keep up with what to expect with a vision based on your family history

The benefits of purchasing glasses from your trusted local optometrist far outweigh the mere convenience of using an online service. If you are new to the Asheville area or searching for eye care professionals in our area, Asheville Vision and Wellness is here for you. We have three decades of experience helping preserve and improve vision and eye health in western North Carolina. 

For more information about Asheville Vision and Wellness or to schedule an appointment for new glasses, contact us today.