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Six Signs You Need Reading Glasses

Six Signs You Need Reading Glasses

There are a million ways to kill time these days. You can turn on your smart T.V. and choose from dozens of streaming services, each with thousands of shows and movies. You can unlock your phone and scroll social media or play one of the many available smartphone games. Otherwise, you can have your smart assistant of choice play your favorite tunes or podcasts. Nevertheless, many people continue to pass the time the way we always have, by reading our favorite books. If you enjoy reading, you may be discouraged when it seems like your eyes and vision is no longer working the way it once did. In this article, we want to give you some signs it is time to try reading glasses. 


What Are Reading Glasses?

Reading glasses are available either over-the-counter or by prescription. They are designed for the purpose of improving up-close vision for books, computer screens, newspapers, etc. A person using reading glasses will not necessarily need corrective lenses for other ordinary activities. 

Signs You Need Reading Glasses:

1) You Celebrated Your Fortieth Birthday

If you have recently celebrated your 40th birthday, or you have been north of 40 for a few years, it is possible vision is beginning to wane slightly when it comes to seeing things up close. It is important to make sure you were scheduling regular eye exams during this season of life to ensure there is not something more serious going on than aging. However, it is likely during this season of life that you will be needing a pair of reading glasses.

2) You Find You Have to Bring a Book Closer to Your Face (or farther away)

Do you find yourself bringing a book or newspaper closer to your face to read? Is it the opposite? Are you actually pushing your reading material farther away to see it more clearly? Either can be signs that it is time to grab a pair of reading glasses.

3) Your Eyes Get Tired After a Day of Staring at a Computer Screen

Do you find your eyes are fatigued after reading your favorite book or staring at a computer screen all day? Does reading make you want to rub your eyes? If your eyes are getting tired more easily and often than they used to, these are signs that reading glasses may be in your near future.

4) You Are Squinting More Frequently

In theory, you should not need to squint to read more clearly. Frequently squinting to better read can lead to headaches and eye strain. If you find yourself squinting more often to read a book, your computer screen, it is a sure sign that you are on the verge of need reading glasses.

5) You Are Getting Headaches 

Does reading give you a headache? Are you getting frequent headaches but don’t know why? Headaches can be a sign that it’s time for reading glasses, but they can also be indicative of other vision issues. If your headaches did not clear up after you try reading glasses, be sure to make an appointment with your optometrist.

6) Your Vision is Blurry, or Your Eyes Hurt While Reading

If your vision is blurry when you attempt to read, or you find that your eyes are actually in pain, then it is likely indicative of something more serious. If you are experiencing blurred vision or eye pain, you need to schedule an appointment with your trusted eye care professional as soon as possible.

Signs You Need More than Reading Glasses

In addition to blurred vision, here are a few key signs you need to see an optometrist right away:

  • You find it difficult to see when driving at night
  • You are experiencing frequent pain in your eyes
  • Your glasses or contacts are no longer effective
  • You are seeing spots
  • You are experiencing blind spots in your vision
  • You are frequently suffering from dry eyes, red eyes, or itchy eyes
  • You are diabetic, and your vision is fading

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