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color blindness asheville ncColor blindness is a condition that affects approximately 8% of men and 1% of women. Of these, most people have red/green color blindness, which impacts their ability to see or visually comprehend colors with red and green in them. These colors appear muddier and yellowish-brown. Other forms, such as blue-yellow color blindness and complete color blindness, are much rarer. If you have color blindness, it does not necessarily impact your visual health - but it can impact how you navigate the world. Asheville Vision Associates is here to provide the professional care and resources you need. 

The most common cause of color blindness is genetics. The gene is carried on the X chromosome. To be colorblind, women need to have copies of the gene on both X chromosomes. If they have one, they are a carrier and will not have symptoms. Men, however, only have one X chromosome, so if the gene is present, they will be colorblind. This is why the condition is much more common among men.

It is also possible to have acquired color blindness. Strokes and accidents that affect the retina and specific areas of the eye/brain can result in this condition, as can the use of certain medications. If you are experiencing changes in your ability to perceive color, please contact us immediately. There may be underlying conditions that we need to identify or address. 

Color blindness does not have to affect your ability to have a full, happy, active life. Come in for a thorough examination; Asheville Vision Associates is happy to provide expert advice and resources to help you learn more about life with color blindness. And, of course, a regular exam is essential for maintaining optimal eye health! Contact Asheville Vision Associates for more information.