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Child GlassesDedicated to serving the Western North Carolina area since 1989, Asheville Vision and Wellness provides the latest technology and care available. Our dedicated optometrists and staff provide superior quality across a range of eye care, including eye exams, prescriptive eyeglasses, and contact lenses.

Eyeglasses in Asheville, NC

Conveniently located in South Asheville, we provide high-quality frames and lenses for simple to complex prescription needs. If you already have corrective lenses or think you may require a prescription, the following tests may be performed as part of an annual eye exam. 

Each test ensures you have the correct corrective prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses.

  • Visual Acuity Test: This exam uses a standard eye chart and measures the sharpness of your vision. It helps determine if your current eyeglasses or contact lenses are working or if you need an updated prescription.
  • Refraction Test:  During this test, a phoropter (rotating lenses) is placed in front of your eyes, and you will evaluate which lens gives you the clearest vision. The refraction lenses help determine your level of far or nearsightedness and astigmatism, which will help fine-tune prescription needs. 

If you already have a prescription for eyeglasses, you should schedule annual eye exams to ensure that your prescription is still up to date for changes to your eye shape and structure.

Eyeglass Services

Asheville Vision and Wellness offers an in-house optical finishing lab. Having this service on-site enables us to ensure that your prescription eyeglasses match precisely what your doctor has prescribed to the highest quality. We offer lensometer services to verify the correct prescription in your eyeglasses and check that lenses are correctly mounted in spectacle frames.

With decades of experience fitting eyeglasses in western North Carolina, you can be sure you will get the right prescription fitted with high-quality in durable frames that you love.

Carried Brands

With frame selection ranging from trendy modern styles to more traditional looks, our helpful and friendly staff will ensure that not only are your vision needs met, but your visual style as well. Eyeglasses and sunglasses should give you the sight you need, while also showing off your personality. 

We carry several frame brands, including Ray-Ban, Tom Ford, and Dolabany. With a wide selection on offer, you are sure to find a perfect pair to complement your face shape and lifestyle for any occasion.

Schedule Your Next Eye Exam

We want to be your trusted optometrist in Western North Carolina. Let our experienced and friendly staff and doctors help find you and your family the right pair of glasses. 

Reach out to us with any questions, or schedule an annual eye exam to get started on the journey to better vision. Let Asheville Vision and Wellness help you find the perfect pair of eyeglasses for your unique needs.