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safety eyewear in sportsSafety eyewear and sports glasses can be seen on practically anyone who plays baseball, racquetball, or mountain biking on one of Asheville’s many trails. Fortunately, coaches, parents, and athletes are realizing the benefits of using protective eyewear for sports and activities. 

The risk of eye damage can be minimized or avoided when wearing protective eyewear, and the player’s performance is improved as a result of their ability to see properly. In fact, several organizations and clubs today forbid their members from participating unless they wear sufficient eye protection. 

What Is Protective Eyewear and Why It’s Important 

Protective eyewear is made up of polycarbonate, an impact-resistant plastic that can sustain a strike without shattering. UV rays are also shielded by polycarbonate eyewear. While protective eyewear is required even for children with 20/20 vision, most protective eyewear may be tailored to an individual's prescription. 

Some people may opt to wear their regular glasses or contact lenses while wearing safety goggles. Different sports require different types of protective eyewear:

  • One-piece plastic sports frames with nonprescription or prescription polycarbonate lenses provide protection and good vision for high-risk eye-injury sports such as softball or baseball, football, basketball, tennis, soccer, hockey, or volleyball.
  • Invest in polycarbonate lenses with a robust eyeglass frame for lower-risk eye-injury sports like skating or cycling.

Protective eyewear entails more than simply wearing contact lenses or glasses for vision corrections. The type of eye protection required will vary depending on the activity or sport. Eye injuries can occur as a result of being struck in the eye, being poked or jabbed, or being hit in the eye by a flying object. 

Your everyday glasses will not shield your eyes from impact, debris, or injury. In fact, eyeglasses may shatter if damaged, causing severe eye damage. 

Polycarbonate is utilized for protective eyewear since it is shatter-resistant and can provide UV protection. Although protective eyewear is worn to safeguard a person’s eyes, it can assist them in having better eyesight and allow them to focus on their sport rather than worrying about being harmed or losing or breaking their regular frames or contact lenses. 

Safety Optical Service in Asheville, NC

Most of us rely on our eyesight to play sports like golf, tennis and football. Protective eyewear will protect your eyes from unintentional accidents and ensure that nothing gets in the way while you play. 

At Asheville Vision and Wellness, we have the perfect eyewear to help you perform better, protect your eyes, and stay focused on what really matters. Our knowledgeable and trustworthy doctors and staff can assist you in selecting the best glasses for you and your hobbies. To schedule your next appointment, contact us today.