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seasonal eye problemsIf you, a family member, or a friend suffers from allergies, chances are you’ve noticed more seasonal reactions than normal this month. Seasonal allergies are common and often hard on the eyes, airways, and noses. 

If you are struggling with allergies, visit Asheville Wellness and Vision to discuss your allergy symptoms. 

How, What, & Why Do Allergies Occur?

Allergies are associated with sneezing, sniffing, and nasal congestion, but they also affect our eyes which are subject to allergy symptoms. Red, burning, itching, watery eyes, and swollen eyeballs are all symptoms of seasonal allergies. Some people experience one of these symptoms, while others experience a combination of them all. 

All of the symptoms are a biological response to our environments, and allergies are the result of the human body’s immune system. The human immune system is designed to respond to and kill off invasive foreign entities, viruses, bacteria, and similar invaders. If a person has an allergy, their immune system responds to a particular substance just as it would a virus or bacteria. 

Allergy symptoms try to fight off what the body perceives as an invader. When an allergy triggers, the symptoms are uncomfortable and may cause temporary blurriness. Allergies also contribute to your risk of developing an eye infection. 

What Can You Do This Season for Allergies?

While allergies can’t be cured, they can be addressed and managed. There are a lot of ways you can cut down on your exposure to allergies and reduce symptoms. Purchasing allergy-friendly bedding or avoiding being outside when pollen is high are simple adjustments in your daily routine that will make a lot of difference in terms of your exposure and reactions to allergens. 

For eye allergies, wearing large glasses, keeping the windows closed in your home, and using cold compression can help avoid pollen and reduce discomfort. However, to change your exposure to an allergen, you’ll need to know exactly what you’re reacting to. If it’s not clear what you’re allergic to, it’s best to speak with your primary care doctor about getting an allergy test. 

Seasonal Eye Health at Asheville Vision and Wellness

If you’re struggling with allergy symptoms and discomfort of the eye, we recommend visiting Asheville Vision and Wellness. Visiting a professional eye doctor like us can help you find a solution to your allergy symptoms. 

We’re here to help you sort through, and if you have any questions or concerns about your eyes and how to take care of them during allergy season, schedule your appointment today to address your concerns and your eye health