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Asheville Vision and Wellness offers medical treatment for eye conditions including infections, inflammation, foreign body, allergies and dry-eye syndrome.

Since 1989, our group has been focused on providing high-quality vision care to our patients. We appreciate your trust in us for all of your visual needs. Our experienced staff operates as a team and we are totally committed to providing you with superior service.

Lipiflow Dry Eye Treatment

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Lipiflow is a heat treatment for Meibomian Gland Dysfunction (MGD). You may have head that clogged oil glands are part of the problem for dry eyes. Lipiflow helps to remove these blockages in a warm, soothing way.

LipiFlow treatment deals directly with the most common root cause of dry eye disease. It provides a warm and gentle heat to the eyelids while simultaneously applying a gentle massage. This combination effectively removes the blockages in the meibomian glands and allows them to secrete the clogged oil.

After a session of LipiFLow treatment, the glands will be able to resume its natural production of oil for the tear film. With sufficient oil layer in the tear film, the tear won’t evaporate too fast anymore, ensuring a much healthier eye surface. One session can offer significant relief to patients suffering from dry eyes and MGD.