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protecting eyes during winterMany Asheville residents would consider our area to be one of the best weather cities in the state of North Carolina. If you like all four seasons, western North Carolina definitely has you covered. While Charlotte, Raleigh, and Greenville have warmer winters and temperatures throughout the year, during summer, Asheville has a break from the extreme heat. We rarely have temperatures as high and oppressive as our Carolina neighbors. 

Spring and fall have magnificent displays of color and beauty throughout our region, attracting visitors from all over the country. And winter is not all that bad around here. We have just enough elevation to be cold enough for snow even in the valley most winters. However, we only dipped below freezing on average 70 times each year. That means that temperatures do remain relatively mild, and any snow that falls is pretty to watch but melts quickly so we can return to enjoying life in our area.

One aspect of winter that can be a problem for area residents is the dry air and lack of humidity. We are used to the air being moist most of the year, so in winter when cold fronts pass-through, the air dries out and so do our eyes. At Asheville Vision Associates, we want to make sure you were able to take care of your eyes during winter, so here are some tips.

How to Protect Your Eyes During Winter

Protect Your Eyes from Dry Air: Drier air will exasperate dry eyes. Use a dehumidifier and contact your eye doctor regarding potential eye lubricant solutions. 

Watch Out for Snow: Snow reflects the sunlight brighter than usual, so wear sunglasses after the snow falls. 

Don’t Stare Too Closely at Screens: When the weather is colder, we typically stay inside and stare at screens more than usual. Give your eyes a break from the screens more often during winter. 

Eat Healthier: Proper nutrition is important during winter and will go a long way toward better eye health. 

One of the best steps you can take to protect your eyes all winter long is scheduling your regular eye care appointment. Many have seen their routine appointment date come and go due to circumstances of the year. It is vital to make sure your eye care visit is rescheduled for the sake of your health and vision. We have been western North Carolinians eye doctors for decades. We have the experience and expertise to help you have the best eye health and vision possible. Contact Asheville Vision Associates today to schedule and make an appointment