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Asheville Vision and Wellness has been western North Carolina’s trusted eye care doctors for thirty years. In that time, we have met thousands of Buncombe and Henderson County residents and helped put them on the path of practicing good eye health. We have also heard and corrected numerous myths about eye care and vision. Here are a few of the most common myths about your eyes:

There are a million ways to kill time these days. You can turn on your smart T.V. and choose from dozens of streaming services, each with thousands of shows and movies. You can unlock your phone and scroll social media or play one of the many available smartphone games. Otherwise, you can have your smart assistant of choice play your favorite tunes or podcasts. Nevertheless, many people continue to pass the time the way we always have, by reading our favorite books. If you enjoy reading, you may be discouraged when it seems like your eyes and vision is no longer working the way it once did. In this article, we want to give you some signs it is time to try reading glasses. 

We have had a long winter here in western North Carolina. There have been multiple rounds of snow and ice. Many residents of the area were excited to wake up to a White Christmas at the beginning of winter. However, at this point, we are ready for spring. Mild temperatures mean the mountains and valleys will come to life with color. Longer days mean more time outside with our families, which we desperately need while we are still practicing social distancing. Spring is the perfect time to get out and explore all of what makes western North Carolina so special.

At the beginning of each new year, people throughout the country commit themselves to resolutions or goals to grow and improve. Many resolve to read more, learn something new, watch less television, and spend more time with their families. Almost everyone set some kind of goals related to diet, exercise, and wellness. Gyms are busiest in January; however, their popularity wanes through the remainder of the year. Nevertheless, this season is always abuzz with talk of improving health and wellness.